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Back in the PRC

Back in China and normal life has resumed. The dragon flies have turned up in full force and they are clearly loving the city’s humid heat. Again coming from the desert in the middle of summer (it has been a year!), I needed some adjusting. Luckily once you start sweating, the heat becomes bearable and in fairness that does not take too long (if you haven’t fainted in the meantime).

Our last week in California was hot but dry, so much more enjoyable. We actually drove through Peanut, CA on our travels but unfortunately they did not have the funds to purchase a road sign so we kind of missed it.

What we certainly did not miss were these giant things…

Sequoia Tree

Sequoia Tree. Photo by Richie.

big fish

This guy was selling giant salmon from the back of his pickup.

south park truck

You need a ladder to get into this thing…


We did almost miss this little guy but he decided to pose for a picture in the end.


Chipmunk. Photo by Richie.


My Chinese has deteriorated dramatically over the last three weeks so I better get my Putonghua hat back on before it will evaporate completely.



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2 Responses to Back in the PRC

  1. Yvon July 30, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    Huanying ni hui lai. Meiguo hao war ma?
    Zai Suzhou kongqi hao ma? Ji du? Zai Beijing hen re; jintian shi 35 du. Hao re!

    • peanut July 30, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

      Heute 39 du…

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