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Bye bye California

We have said our goodbyes and are on our way to a new adventure. However I feel it’s necessary to look back on the last fantastic one we had in California. We tried to come up with ways to move all our family and friends out there on many occasions but kept on running into logistical problems.


Needless to say, we both loved living there. From the way the air hugs your skin (really it does) to the fantastic scenery, great wines and creative spirit. And I would say its people but every second person you meet is from somewhere else which is perhaps what also makes the place so interesting and the food so amazing. What I will miss most about the place (apart from the squirrels obviously) is this feeling that anything is possible. I don’t know whether this comes from the attitude of the people, we were after all in the heart of Sillicon Valley, or from the immense fastness of its surroundings. I met some amazing and inspiring people volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, all showing this great ‘can do’ mentality.

Not that I never felt lost or misunderstood (sarcasm definitely was not invented in Sillicon Valley) but I guess that happens everywhere you live. I think I just got better at letting it go. It helps that you don’t get a chance to sit behind a rainswept window mulling over your misery as the sun pretty much shines all the time in Palo Alto (a bit like in the Truman Show), except for about three days in winter.

I pretty much loved everything about San Francisco; working (even commuting to get there), buying macaroons on Hayes street, wandering around the city, food trucks, cycling across the Golden Gate, eating oysters at the Ferry Building, seeing the Giants play at AT&T park. The yanks portray such great enthusiasm for sports. I also loved the Sharks playing ice hockey but I just didn’t get the Superbowl… we never managed to BBQ from the boot of our car either…

The best part about living in California was that every time you would get in the car to go somewhere it would feel like you were on holidays even if just driving to the supermarket. We managed to get away to Lake Tahoe, Healdsburg (my favorite) and even Oregon but we would only have to drive about 30 mins to hike among those giant redwoods. When we first arrived in California, Richie told me he would never live anywhere else again. I guess he proved himself wrong or maybe he didn’t.



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