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Photographs of China and beyond

Through my dad’s lens

This year my parents both turned 65. I’m not sure what my dad got for his birthday this year but my mum hit the jackpot and got a trip to China. For once it made it easy for me to be at her birthday party. It has been way overdue. Being far away means I really only get to fulfill my daughterly duties at Christmas time and even then sometimes it has to be Christmas a few days early or a few days late. Luckily I have a very flexible family (including a chef) and hopefully one day we’ll all be at the same dinner table again, however since my cousin is now shacked up with an American (a lovely one), logistically it is getting more complicated. But I am hopeful.

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Sushi & soaking

I have become a lazy traveller.

What makes a great travel destination? For some its history, for others maybe culture, architecture or art. For me these days it seems to be all about the food. Not sure exactly when this happened, I’d say it was somewhere between those Namibian oysters and that lovely artichoke in Lodi, CA. The city scape photos with our Canon SLR camera are slowly making way for iPhone snaps of sushi and bowls of noodles. I’d rather soak it up than capture it.


Maybe it’s just Japan that is making me care less about pixels. It is the only holiday I’ve ever been on where I have not been disappointed, not even once, with the food on our plates, despite my travel companions’ craving for carbohydrates and my fussy eating past (I can hear a few people thinking ‘o yes very fussy’).

So I have to write about the food in Japan. Obviously it will be just the tip of the iceberg but what the heck.

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