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Back in the PRC

Back in China and normal life has resumed. The dragon flies have turned up in full force and they are clearly loving the city’s humid heat. Again coming from the desert in the middle of summer (it has been a year!), I needed some adjusting. Luckily once you start sweating, the heat becomes bearable and in fairness that does not take too long (if you haven’t fainted in the meantime).

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Pulling paper

The Chinese invented a lot of stuff. Umbrellas, chopsticks, kites, and of course firecrackers. They also invented paper, one of my weird obsessions. Being back in California means I get to go to stores like Paper Source. Strange to some but quite clear to me, although don’t ask me to explain it.

San Francisco most likely has the highest concentration of small shops selling letterpress cards (I have not yet been to Portland). Just before moving to China I did a few letterpress printing workshops at the San Francisco Center for the Book and there is nothing more enjoyable than pulling your own prints off a press (except for eating oysters of course).


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California blue skies

As much as I love living in China, taking a break from it feels pretty healthy. I didn’t realise how much I missed the blue sky until I saw it again this weekend. Of course California (or at least parts of it) has bluer skies than anywhere I’ve been so we have been spoiled.

Vernal Fall Yosemite

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Bye bye California

We have said our goodbyes and are on our way to a new adventure. However I feel it’s necessary to look back on the last fantastic one we had in California. We tried to come up with ways to move all our family and friends out there on many occasions but kept on running into logistical problems.


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