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All the way along the wind

Did I mention that I love learning Chinese?

Even though I have been at it for almost a year now and still feel like I don’t speak much, I do enjoy it most of the time. From the start I have been collecting words or sayings that I really like or find interesting and I thought it was time to share some of my favorites!

Here they are:

  • yǒu qián -> lit. have money = wealthy
  • mǎi dōng xi -> lit. buy east west = shopping
  • tíng chē -> lit. stop car = to park
  • – add chǎng (meaning a large space) to make tíngchēchǎng = car park
  • cháng dèng -> lit. long stool = bench
  • kǎo xiāng -> lit. roast box = oven
  • wèn dá jìngsài -> lit. ask answer competition = quiz
  • guò mǎ lù -> lit. cross horse road = to cross
  • bù kěnéng -> lit. not maybe = impossible
  • huǒ huā -> lit. fire flower = spark
  • xiào huà -> laugh words = joke
  • jiǔ ròu péngyou -> lit. alcohol meat friend = fair weather friend
  • xǐ wǎn jī -> lit. wash bowl machine = dishwasher
  • shǒu jī -> lit. hand machine = mobile phone
  • diàn chuī fēng -> lit. electric(ity) blow wind = hair dryer

And lastly yīlù shùnfēng -> lit. all the way along the wind = have a pleasant journey!

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