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Cocktails on Friday

Now that everything is back in its place, we’ve hung some pictures and our first utility bill has been paid, I think we have deserved a drink! The last time we lived in California (like it’s something we do from time to time…), we discovered the Dark ’n Stormy and it’s still one of my favorite drinks to make at home.

We first tasted it at the Spoonbar in Healdsburg, where they make all sorts of yummy concoctions. I don’t know what their secret ingredients are, but our simplified version of just dark rum, ginger beer, ice and a few slices of lime tastes pretty well after a week of hard work (or doing other things…).

On a recent road trip I came across the book Shake and have since become a bit obsessed with trying to make cocktails, even though my first attempt was not a great success. As I was trying to figure out how to use the strainer (of course you put it on the cocktail shaker, not on the glass…), the kitchen was rapidly getting quite messy. Looking at the selection of bottles procured for the craft, you would however think I was a pro.

So I am going to need some more practice. I would try every day but I am afraid this may endanger my attempts at getting my career back on track not to mention ruining my recently reacquired tennis skills.

I’ll start small but I will need a drinks trolley eventually….


Drinks Trolley

Restored bar cart. Source: Design Sponge


Enjoy your weekend!



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