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The Local Farmers Market

Being back in California, it feels like I am getting a second chance at trying all the stuff I didn’t get around to the first time. Undiscovered restaurants and State Parks as well as sailing in the bay, just to name a few. Luckily we now have access to an experienced sailor so we can hopefully tick that one of the list in the next six months. Also near the top is exploring the local farmers markets of which there are many in the bay area.

San Francisco has many markets, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market being one of the ones I did manage to visit before, however the rest of the bay actively joins in too. The Palo Alto Farmers Market started again last week but I missed it on Saturday, so decided on Sunday morning to go and check out the one down the road on California Avenue. It was a pleasant surprise!

The goods on offer ranged from fruit, vegetables and potted herbs, to jams, breads and flowers. The main attraction for me turned out to be the oyster bar though and had I not already stuffed myself before leaving the house, I would have stayed and tried the gourmet dim sum.

Farmers' Market Oyster Bar

Farmers' Market Dim Sum Stall

Unfortunately this market was not cheap, like I am used to at markets in other countries, with the exception of some of the vegetable stalls.

The weekly market in the town I grew up in was on Thursday afternoon. My mother would often take me along to buy cheese, chicken, peanuts and most importantly, a fresh bag of licorice as by Wednesday usually there were only a few boring ones left. When I was in college I would go to the local market on Saturdays to buy the occasional vegetable. Oranges and tulips were best bought at the end of the day when they would practically give them away. My favorite stall though was the deli that sold olives and Turkish bread. These days when I visit this market, I run straight to the fish stall to buy salted herring.

Unfortunately I won’t find salted herring stalls in the bay area markets but there are many international street food stalls so there is always something new to try!

Farmers' Market

Next week, round two!

For more Bay Area Farmers Markets, check out Edible Silicon Valley’s cool map:

Farmers Markets Bay Area





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