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Bay Area Food Trucks

In the Bay Area you could eat from a food truck every night of the week, if you felt like it. They seem to be everywhere and they wheel around an enormous variety of food. Eating weird and wonderful street food is one of the things I miss about living in China and even though it’s not quite the same, the food trucks definitely help beat the cravings.

I’ve tasted anything from kimchi balls, to papdi chaat to deep fried pita bread, washed away with almost any kind of homemade lemonade and the occasional alcoholic beverage. When in luck the cupcake truck has also rolled up and dessert can be red velvet or peanut butter milk chocolate ganache.

Kimchi Balls

Food Trucks

Cupcakes on Wheels

The food trucks remind me of holidays in France as a kid, when the bread truck would come to the campsite in the morning and the ice-cream truck in the afternoon. It also fits with my idea of the Californian lifestyle. The sun is shining and the trucks are rolling up wherever there is a party. Of course for the owners it’s not as romantic as it sounds. It’s hard work and there is a lot of competition.

One of the local organizers of food truck events is Off the Grid who came up with the idea of grouping street food vendors like something similar to the Asian night markets with the goal to ‘create an experience that would allow people to connect’. I’m sure they make some money in the process as some of the food is not always as cheap as you would expect food from a truck to be. They do however have markets every day of the week in different places across the Bay Area for lunch as well as dinner. On Wednesday night their trucks drive up to the Menlo Park Caltrain Station which is a short cycle from our house. Other organizers include the Moveable Feast and even the Food Truck Mafia, who are also competing for our trips to the trucks.

And if that isn’t enough, you can visit the SOMA StrEATfood Park in San Francisco which has different vendors every day, including a booze truck. They even have an old school bus you can eat in as well as an outdoor piano.

SOMA StrEAT Food Park

SOMA StrEAT Food Park

SOMA StrEAT Food Park

Korean Food Truck

SOMA StrEAT Food Park

SOMA StrEAT Food Park

SOMA StrEAT Food Park

Like the idea of food trucks? I have it on good authority that the movie “Chef”, about a chef turned food truck entrepreneur, is well worth watching.

I’m gonna need some snacks to go with that!




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  1. Enormous October 2, 2014 at 9:12 am #

    Hi Linda! Great post and super pics as usual. I think Irish street vendors have ruined any trust I have in street food :-/ This seems like a whole other proposition though!

    • peanut October 2, 2014 at 9:15 am #

      Thanks! Maybe we should open a food truck when we get back, to restore your faith!!

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