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A different kind of red town

Last weekend we paid a visit to another factory in Shanghai that was abandoned, then converted for the artistic community and now labeled as a creative zone. Red Town was once occupied by the No. 10 Steel Factory but since 2005 it has housed the cool Shanghai Sculpture Space with its outdoor sculpture garden.

red town shanghai

You can also find galleries, studios, cafes, offices and a few shops in the beautiful red brick buildings that were once used as warehouses and have now been restored.

One very cool but slightly odd sculpture is this car by Dai Yun. It is made from iron, cement and brick, even the interior! The info sign tells us this…:

The non-practical or non-architectural automobile is made of the commonest red bricks, associating the architectural symbol of agriculture with the high assumption in the metropolis, with the saloon car and the beauty of the woman.

Red Town

Red Town

The guy on the right is a version of ‘the thinker’, it’s the Fat Thinker. If you are wondering what he’s thinking about, have a look at this guy’s picture.

Red Town

No brain and fat thinker

Red Town

Inside the Shanghai Sculpture Space

Red Town

And then there is also this…. not my cup of cha

Red Town

Wood in steel frame doors and beautiful red bricks


I’m happy to learn that here are many more creative parks to explore in Shanghai. Many many more! According to the Shanghai government website, there were 75 creative parks by the end of 2008:

A batch of creative parks have taken initial shape at some old factory buildings and warehouses thanks to the city’s intensifying efforts at preserving and developing old industrial structures. By the end of 2008, the city had 75 creative industry parks. The parks are now home to more than 4,000 creative industry companies from more than 30 countries and regions. The businesses in these parks feature industrial design, interior design, construction design, ad design, clothing design, game software, manga, Internet media, fashion, studios, brand promotion and handicrafts.

In February 2010 Shanghai became the 7th Unesco City of Design.



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