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I recently spent a week in Shanghai and did not yet get a chance to write about my little adventure. As I was on my own in China for two weeks, I decided to spent some time in Shanghai without the constant commute or at least I traded the train ride for a nice morning stroll. Once settled, I quickly picked up a daily routine that would include a small wander, some nice food and finding a cool new shop. I did have to work some days too…


Somewhere online no doubt, I found this cute little B&B called Quintet, which did a great job at fulfilling my lingering desire to ‘live in Shanghai’. The three-storey garden lane house from 1939 once belonged to the family of a Chinese doctor and still has a lot of its original art deco features. I got a key to the front door and did not see anybody other than my ‘breakfast chef’ all week so it really felt like home (without having to make my own breakfast). So I was delighted to be living in a lovely part of the French Concession for a week!

The B&B is hidden behind the wooden door at number 808 Changle Lu:

Entrance on Changle Lu

Shanghai Bed & Breakfast entrance

Beautiful sliding door into the garden:

Shanghai Bed & Breakfast patio doors

Not such a pretty view from the bathroom but I made a new friend:

View from bathroom

Explored some new shops (more about that another day) and found one favorite (I was bound to find it someday!):

Peanut shop

Some strange ones too:

Store window

I recently read about Shanghai’s 101 must try dishes in Time Out Shanghai (I think we will have to slowly work our way down that list!) and found the takoyaki at Gindaco. It brought back some nice food memories from our trip to Japan!

Another favorite was on my way ‘home’ from work, Sproutworks. Great choice of healthy salads and I loved their kale and chorizo soup. Soup, salad and fresh juice for about 75RMB. Happy camper.

Sproutworks Shanghai

Now back in Suzhou and just this week found a new favorite here too. We had been wondering about the queues outside this Sichuan restaurant for a while but usually too hungry to join them. This week I booked a table and finally we managed to try their wonderful spicy food. I can easily say it was the best, and perhaps cheapest, Chinese food we have ever eaten in Suzhou. Not including my home-made dumplings of course.

Happy Friday!




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