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Chinese people love their snacks. You see people eating on the street all the time and street snacks are easy to come by. It is one of the things I like about living in China. Many things have found their way to my stomach, some excellent, some mămăhūhū (so so).

Chinese street snacks

The snack that up till now intimidated me most, is usually smelled from miles away and not in a good way. It really deserves its name stinky tofu (臭 豆腐 – chòudòufu). The fermented bean curd is often deep-fried, although there are many kinds across China and Taiwan. The smell really does make your stomach turn and is probably the main reason why it is such a popular street food. I can’t imagine anyone trying to cook it indoors!

Apparently it’s one of those ‘love it or hate it’ kind of things, even for the Chinese, but considering the queues that often form at stalls selling the stuff, there are quite a few lovers out there. I really wanted to love it too (not sure why) but as I recently summed up all my courage to finally get a taste of it, I discovered that I did not. But hey at least I tried. I’ll just stick to some of my other favorite street foods.

The stinky tofu stall

The stinky tofu stall


Stinky tofu

Here it is, stinky tofu!


Luckily on that snacky afternoon there were plenty of other things on offer. We discovered barbequed squid (烤鱿鱼 – kăoyóuyú) and it was delicious.

Chinese street snacks

Chinese street snacks

The dumpling man provided some goodies as well although they were not as good as the ones on my recent dumpling tour.

Chinese street snacks

We ended with a lovely fried egg pancake (煎饼 – jiānbing). Have a look at how fast they make them!

[vimeo 85312567 w=600&h=338]


Another successful afternoon in China!



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    aah, i really miss eating those pancakes for breakfast on the way to work 😀

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