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Writing routines

Writing on a regular basis still requires a little practice. This goes just as much for my blog as it does for my Chinese characters! It’s hard to keep a routine going when all your trusted routines seem to malfunction, like going out for a late lunch on the weekend means you end up eating together with the wait staff. Of course the lack of routines makes life more interesting so I guess it’s better than boredom.

Every class my teacher gives me five Chinese characters to add to my collection. The idea being that I¬†practice¬†them at home and increase my written vocabulary. I’m happy I can already read the ‘mind your head’ signs and can sometimes work out the name of a store. Although I think some stores may still apply the right to left writing so even the character recognizer (or should I say cheat-app) on my phone sometimes gets confused.

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Need character, will write novel

Last week I really started to learn Chinese characters. So far I am able to write about 15 odd. Since there are tens of thousands of them I’ve barely made a dent in it. Nevertheless I tried to impress my Chinese teacher with my newly acquired writing skills and I think she was a little bit. I’m not sure of her general level of ‘impressedness’ by me but the other day I put a fairly long sentence in the correct order and she said ‘that’s right‘ with great surprise in her voice as if she was thinking to herself ‘she’s never gonna get that one‘. I do have to admit I was quite surprised myself. We had a good laugh about it.

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