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Street food

Chinese people love their snacks. You see people eating on the street all the time and street snacks are easy to come by. It is one of the things I like about living in China. Many things have found their way to my stomach, some excellent, some mămăhūhū (so so).

Chinese street snacks

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Dumplings galore

After the lovely salted herring, yummy black pudding, and a myriad of other tasty things, life has resumed as normal in China. That means my mind has drifted back to dumplings!

A month or two ago, at the tail end of my three weeks soloing it, I went on a dumpling tour in Shanghai. It was basically four hours of eating, strolling, eating, chatting, eating, and on and on. Time well spent!


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Dumplings or buns?

As it is almost the weekend and I am starting to get a little peckish, I thought I’d share what I have learned so far about dumplings (jiǎozi) and steamed buns (bāozi), other than the fact that they are very tasty when you get good ones.


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