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The Local Farmers Market

Being back in California, it feels like I am getting a second chance at trying all the stuff I didn’t get around to the first time. Undiscovered restaurants and State Parks as well as sailing in the bay, just to name a few. Luckily we now have access to an experienced sailor so we can hopefully tick that one of the list in the next six months. Also near the top is exploring the local farmers markets of which there are many in the bay area.

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Suzhou Markets

One of the great things about living in China is that there are markets everywhere and depending on whether you need vegetables, fish, plants, plates or puppies, you can be sure there is a market for it.

Suzhou wet market

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Laziness, lanterns & lions

A little absence. A little holiday. A lot of miles.

local market vietnam

Vietnam. Some queuing and various modes of transport (taxi, train, metro, maglev, plane, plane, minibus, and legs in between) got us there in the end. Upon arrival a watermelon mojito apologised for our long journey and I accepted.
I don’t think I can say we saw the real Vietnam since sitting on a beach dreaming away in a comfortable lounge chair under a wood straw umbrella while someone brings you fresh pineapple and lime juice is not the image that conjures up when thinking about Vietnam. A trip to the local market in Da Nang probably came closest for me. But for the first time, this was not that kind of trip.

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