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As our time in China is coming to an end (more about that later), I feel the need to write about one of my other favorite Chinese foods. After dumplings, noodles are a very close second, making me also happily hum while eating them, especially the spicy ones!


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The noodle machine

It’s official. I am working again.

It did not take long to get used to this time (3 days to be precise). I’ve become a pro at starting new jobs having started a few in the last couple of years. This time it will hopefully be a little less short-lived as so far I am enjoying the journey (literally).¬†Getting up early is a little easier in these parts of the world. As we are a good bit further south, there is not so much of that dreaded and depressing winter morning darkness going on, which makes getting up all that much more bearable, although some will disagree.

To get the earlier of the two trains, I leave the house at 7am. A driver (whom I pay…) collects me from the house. It’s a different person each time but always holding up an A4 sheet with my first name. It’s a little funny having some guy standing outside your door holding a piece of paper with your name on it but it beats looking for a taxi any day.

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