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Laziness, lanterns & lions

A little absence. A little holiday. A lot of miles.

local market vietnam

Vietnam. Some queuing and various modes of transport (taxi, train, metro, maglev, plane, plane, minibus, and legs in between) got us there in the end. Upon arrival a watermelon mojito apologised for our long journey and I accepted.
I don’t think I can say we saw the real Vietnam since sitting on a beach dreaming away in a comfortable lounge chair under a wood straw umbrella while someone brings you fresh pineapple and lime juice is not the image that conjures up when thinking about Vietnam. A trip to the local market in Da Nang probably came closest for me. But for the first time, this was not that kind of trip.

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Red ants and mooncakes

This week I am a little uninspired. Plenty of things are happening but all I feel like is taking a nap. I had to abandon my plan to write about the lovely box of mooncakes we received from our landlord on Sunday because I found the box empty the next day (this did not inspire me). Someone accidentally ate them all and it wasn’t me since it turns out I don’t like mooncakes. Even though they are all slightly different, I feel disappointed every time. It’s like picking the wrong chocolate from a box that doesn’t have one of those handy explanation cards.

I really want to like mooncakes, because they look so gorgeous from the outside and the whole idea of them is very romantic. But even if I did, evidently the box would not last untill the festival moon which is when you are supposed to eat them. Gazing at the full moon while holding hands and floating sky lanterns (that’s the romantic bit).

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